What are HFE Bucks and how does it benefit TMP Families?

The HFE Bucks Family Rewards Program is an exciting opportunity to accumulate credit toward enrollment fees at Hays Catholic Schools. Families who use HFE Bucks (Scrip) can potentially reduce their enrollment fees each year by shopping at participating merchants. Scrip (HFE Bucks) fundraising is a no-selling program that enables families and friends to raise money for Holy Family Elementary. You purchase gift cards at face value, and we get them from Great Lakes Scrip center at a reduced price. The difference is an instant rebate! It’s really simple, yet has a BIG impact!

It was great to see so many parents and students at enrollment! Sales of gift cards to local and national vendors were very successful. If you missed our table, here’s the Top 3 action items:

1)   Many families DID NOT pay their full enrollment fees this year, and families can start earning toward 2019-2020 now! (FLYER) Remember TMP-M families, HFE families and HFE teachers can have up to 4 sponsors! You don’t have to live in Hays to participate! Anyone can sign up to use HFE Bucks and anyone can be a sponsor!

2)      If you have questions about the program, please look over the HFE Bucks website. We have updated it extensively with lots of details! Also, please “like” the HFE Bucks Facebook page!

3)      Gift cards from our HFE Bucks program are sold in the TMP-M Endowment Office by Sandy Losey, but can also be purchased conveniently on your smartphones and online! We also sell HFE Bucks at our local parishes on a weekly rotation!  First weekend of the month St Nicholas of Myra, second weekend of the month IHM; and third weekend of the month St Joseph!