Students Compete at Regional and State Science and Engineering Fairs

Regional and State Competitions

From Science Teacher Jim Balthazor:

Saturday, Feruary. 25, students from TMP-Marian High School and Junior High participated at the FHSU Science and Engineering Fair at the Memorial Union on the Fort Hays campus.  Creighton Renz, Junior; Isabel Peine, eighth grade; Sophia Balthazor, Whitney Befort, Sophia Linenberger, Kenton Ginther, Hayli Meier, Madelyn Seiler, Emilee Lane and Divya Somayaji, seventh grade.  They had various projects ranging from medicating plants to analyzing the cleanliness of fuels.  Students competed with other students in our area.  There were a total of 42 projects.  Ginter, Balthazor, and Lane received Bronze Medals; Meier, Linenberger, Somayaji and Renz, received Silver; and Befort, Seiler and Peine received Gold.  Those that received Gold Medals qualified for the Kansas Science and Engineering Fair that in Wichita on March 29th at Exploration Place.  Congratulations to all the students that participated.  It was a great day and as a school we were fortunate to be able to send three participants on to State.

At the state competition Saturday, March 31, the district winners presented their projects and were very successful.  Although Whitney didn’t place, her project on medicating plants was well received, and she did an outstanding job of presenting.  Madelyn’s project earned a third place bronze medal for her achievement, which was a great place as her project, in the category of physical science and astronomy, was up against about 20 other projects for category honors.

Isabel earned first place with her chemical energy project on how clean ethanol burns when it is added to unleaded gas. She also earned a couple of other awards for her project, which was great. She also received high honors with a Kansas Academy of Math and Science summer camp scholarship and was a Nominee for the Broadcom Masters Recognition and invitation to Masters 2017 Top Science Fair Nationals.

This venue provides students with experience in critical thinking, leadership, and creative problem solving. Students from around the state are given an opportunity to showcase their talents in this academic setting, and earn rewards and honors. Attending one of the six regional science fairs within the state is a prerequisite of attending the state fair. The Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair (KSSEF) competition involved students in dynamic scientific investigations. The participating students  gain perspective of the world through science and math and develop skills necessary to persist in today’s society.

In the Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair competition, the main emphasis is on individual scientific research. Students learn how to conduct valid scientific research and how to communicate their findings both written and orally. The Kansas State Science and Engineering Fair is part of a progressive opportunity for students to compete at local, regional, state, and international levels. Students who participate in the fairs have the opportunity to win numerous awards that include trophies, cash, and scholarships.