State Forensics Results; Brull Rates “1” in Oration & Megaffin/Werth and Speno/Lang Sweep Top IDA Medals

On the festival level, Paul Brull took a 1 rating with his original oration. Festival rankings are similar to that as musical contest rankings. 1 is the highest a competitor can achieve. Way to go, Paul!
On the Championship level, Hailey Casey competed with her informative and Anna Speno with her prose and both narrowly (within points) missed breaking in to semi-finals.
We had two improvised duet (IDA) teams of Anna Speno with Elly Lang and Trae Megaffin with Dylan Werth. Both teams broke in to semi-finals and then found their way in to the final rounds. Anna Speno and Elly Lang ended the day with a 2nd place finish in IDA. Trae Megaffin and Dylan Werth brought home the championship in IDA. Way to go MONARCHS!