Staffing Changes for 2017-2018 Academic Year

Preparation for the coming school year is bringing both some exciting new opportunities and some tough personnel decisions to TMP-Marian.

Administration Restructuring
In an effort to maintain the highest quality of education while being responsible with the financial gifts given to us by our patrons, TMP-Marian will restructure some current administrative positions. This will include some positions being consolidated and duties being transferred or eliminated. Unfortunately, a limited downsize in the number of administrative positions is required.
A driving factor in this restructure is the need to close the budgetary gap expected over the next two years and beyond. Recently, at the State of Catholic Schools Address on February 6, Catholic school families and stakeholders were asked to increase support in their time, talent and treasure so as to reduce the forecasted shortfall. This is still critically important for the future health and stability of Hays Catholic Schools.
At the same time, it would be irresponsible for TMP-Marian to ask this of families and not take a close look at its own expenses. After much deliberation and consultation, an administrative restructuring was identified as one of the best places to save money without negatively impacting instruction and the services our families have grown to expect. It is important that the school works to meet families, alumni and supporters partway in trying to balance the budget.
Science Department
The Science Department will miss the full-time presence of Mr. Randy Brull who after more than 35 years will be reducing his teaching load to 2 classes. His position was opened to the public in order to see what educators would be interested. After conducting an external search and evaluating in-house options, it was decided the best fit would be to increase an existing teacher’s workload to cover the Science class needs.
Mr. Jay Harris, who teaches Introduction to Agriculture and Animal Science part time in 2016-17, will go full-time in 2017-18, teaching his current agricultural science courses in addition to Biology.
The combination of Mr. Harris’ teaching skills, relationship building, and faith modeling makes him an ideal teacher to fulfill the TMP-Marian mission. It will also help the school’s budget because, at times, it is more economical to increase existing schedules as opposed to hiring a completely new full-time teacher.
Ms. Kelli Kirmer will continue to teach Advanced Biology, Anatomy & Physiology, Debate, Forensics, and other Science electives. Mr. Isaac Dennis will teach Chemistry and Physics.
English Department
Mr. Shawn Denton has already been announced as the new Senior English teacher for 2017-18, replacing Mrs. Heather Sramek who will be moving to the Kansas City area with her family after the current school year ends. Mr. Denton has taught at Ottawa and Junction City before his most recent position at Russell High School.
The Freshmen and Sophomore English classes will also be combined under one teacher beginning in the 2017-18 school year, streamlining the department further.

As with any consolidations or re-assignments in staff, the task is always difficult. The decision-making process was discussed at all levels. After prayer and long deliberations, final decisions were made. We ask the community for continued prayers and support to our school mission.