Sports Physicals May 31; Sign Up in Front Office

Dear Parents,

We are happy to offer sports physicals again this year for TMP athletes and their siblings.  This year’s date is May ​31, and we will be doing physicals in the morning.  Please contact the front office to schedule a time for your student.

We will charge $25 for each student, due on the date of the physical.  Please make your check payable to Post Rock Family Medicine.  A donation of $5 per physical will be made back to TMP-Marian.  Because this is a special price for the sports physical, we are unable to offer other health services on this date (immunizations, medication refills, acute illness/complaints).  We are very happy to address musculoskeletal complaints as they relate to sports participation (i.e., can the athlete participate) but will not be diagnosing or treating them.  If there are any abnormalities found on the sports physical, it will be noted on the form and you will need to follow up with your student athlete’s family doctor.

Please read this email carefully to ensure your child is ready on the day of the physical and passes the screening portion without difficulty.  If you have concerns about your child’s sports participation, we would encourage you to have his/her sports physical performed by their family doctor so you can address concerns at that time.

First, please print the attached physical form and fill out the ENTIRE front and back pages.  Note that both student and parent must sign the final page.  You must complete the 2015 revision of the KSHSAA Sports Physical Form.  We cannot accept any forms from previous years.  If your student has any “yes” answers on the first page that have not resolved or been evaluated, we recommend your child have their physical with their family physician to address these as they may not pass the screening portion of the exam.  If the form is not completed and signed, we will not be able to do the physical for your child.

Second, please send a copy of your child’s immunization form with them to the physical so we can verify dates and determine whether your child is due for any vaccinations.  Not having current immunizations will not disqualify them from passing the sports physical, but Kansas law requires that they be current before entering the next school year.  We will send home notification with your student of any requirements for the coming school year, so check with them when they return home that day.  You can verify with your family doctor or the health department which immunizations are due for your child and obtain them before the date of the physical if you are uncertain whether they are up-to-date.  If your child did not receive the Varicella vaccine (chicken pox), but did have the disease, please provide that information on the second page of the form.

On the day of the physical, please have your student wear shorts and a t-shirt for his/her physical.  If your child requires contacts or glasses to pass a vision screen, please remind them to wear them on the date of the physical.  We cannot pass students who fail the vision screening.

We are excited to be joined ​again this year by the physical therapist and athletic trainer from Rooks County Health Center.  They will be doing a comprehensive musculoskeletal exam for each athlete – a definite bonus for your student!  Female students will be seen by Dr. Brull, and male students will be seen by Dr. Fisher unless there is an uneven number.  All student preferences will be honored if a request is made.

We look forward to seeing your student on May 31​!

Jen Brull, MD and Lynn Fisher, MD