School Uniforms

New Option 1

School Belles, based in Cleveland, OH, will take over the old Parker Uniform store in Wichita, as well as, provide TMP-Marian with all our traditional uniform pieces.  

Click here to see the full menu and prices for School Belles Uniforms. 

Also, here is the link to the School Belles website that directs you to TMP-Marian’s program: 


School Belles offers a rebate back to the school for every purchase made. Purchases made under our school number s2805 help us earn more towards TMP-Marian’s rebate!

New Option 2

Locally owned Gone Logo is the second new uniform provider. Gone Logo will provide the most popular items but not all the required pieces for high school. Gone Logo will not sell the ties or blazers required for the boys formal uniform or the oxfords for both the boys and girls formal uniforms. However, all other pieces will be available either in-store, which is located at 2717 Plaza Ave., or by rapid custom order. 


Uniform purchasing can be confusing, especially for new families. Don’t hesitate to contact Thomas More Prep-Marian for assistance. We are here to help  785-625-6577.