Saving Birthdays

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cupcake01As TMP students made their way through lunch lines on Wednesday, October 9, murmurs of excitement could be heard. At the very end of each line stood an array of cupcakes, frosted in blue and pink. To the outsider, these cupcakes may have seemed to be a sweet treat donated by the Parent Teacher Friends Organization. However, the real purpose of the confections was much more than this:

October is Respect Life Month. So, the TMP PTF sought to find an initiative to raise awareness of the cause in our school, in order to satisfy a desire in the organization to commit to service. One such idea- “National Pro Life Cupcake Day”- came to the attention of the members. This idea, in fact, is a nationally recognized program – for each child saved from death due to abortion, one more birthday can be celebrated. As this program’s committee states, “We want people to remember that not every baby has the chance to have a birthday because of abortion. We want to honor the lives of those not yet born because they face a staggeringly high probability of not seeing a birthday due to the reality of abortion.”
cupcake02Thus, a perfect plan was set into motion: serve every student a cupcake at lunch to signify the happiness of these birthdays. In addition to the sweet treats, every student was given a magnet to place on his or her locker which read “Life is a Gift!”

All students appreciated the unexpected yummy delights with their lunches. However, knowing the reason behind them made it even sweeter. All life is sacred, and it is up to us to help save birthdays for each and every person.

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