Mother Mary’s Baby Shower at Holy Family Elementary

Holy Family Elementary celebrated the upcoming birth of Jesus with a school wide baby shower for Mother Mary.  A Faculty committee plans and prepares for Mary’s baby shower.  Classes sign up on a schedule to acquire a time to attend the baby shower in the school activity center.  HFE students open their gift, which is previously bought and wrapped, in their perspective classrooms and then head to the activities center for treats and refreshments. Students place their gift on a set of tables lined along the wall.   The items that were in most need were diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, teething rings and hooded bath towels.  All items are donated to local Catholic charities.  After eating their treats, students enjoyed a rousing game of Price is Right or took a spin on the wheel.  Each section of the spinning wheel represented a different prayer that each student would then recite for the receivers of the gifts. Obviously, we can’t give gifts directly to Mary for the child Jesus, but we can assist the many brave women who have chosen life despite some of the difficulties they experience and we can reinforce their joy through the child who comes as a gift.