Monarchs Prevail at Smoky Valley Chess Tournament

Thomas More Prep-Marian High School Chess Team encountered stiff competition at the Smoky Valley Tournament in Lindsborg, but finished first with a team score of 13 1/2 points. This score was a point ahead of Manhattan High School and 1 1/2 points ahead of Hillsboro.  Freshman Japheth Briney finished 4th overall with 4 of a possible 6 points; Freshman Hunter Flax was 10th with 3 1/2 points, Sophomore Seth Perrett was 11th with 3 points and Senior Ethan Rohr was 14th with 3 points.

The Thomas More Prep-Marian Junior High Chess Team posted an impressive win, finishing 3 1/2 points ahead of Pleasant Valley Middle School.  7th Grader Nicklas Helget finished 5th, 7th Grader Jensen Brull finished 7th, 7th Grader Tate Dinkel finished 8th and 8th Grader Logan Hess finished 10th. They combined 4 point scores to accumulate 16 team points.  Also finishing well were 7th Graders Braydon Binder, Connor Hilger and Treighton Dunn, each with 3 points.