Marketing and Multimedia Classes to Rolling Hills Zoo

The TMP-Marian Marketing and Multimedia classes took a trip to the Rolling Hills Zoo in Salina on May 2.  Linda Henderson, Director of the Rolling Hills Zoo, gave the students a presentation which included a history of the zoo, what the zoo offers such as the museum and renting out the facilities.  The zoo offers it’s grounds as a venue for weddings, reunions, birthday parties, Christmas parties and company meetings.  It is one of seven Association of Zoos and Aquariums in Kansas.
“We learned that there is a lot that goes on at the zoo behind the scenes!  The students were able to extend their knowledge from the classroom and learned the marketing avenues of the zoo, how much is spent on marketing annually, where they market and who they target,” stated Sharris Coomes, Marketing and Multimedia Teacher.   Zoos are much more than a collection of animals.  The students learned how many employees the zoo has, the qualifications zoo keepers need to be hired and that the Rolling Hills Zoo receives no government funding.  “They talked about the importance of zoos and the role they have for conservation and education.  They are particularly important for endangered species; the many animals that are critically endangered in the wild and may go extinct soon but are living safely in zoos,” Coomes said.  Overall, a great way for students to view real life marketing tactics and the success they can achieve.