Kansas Wetland Education Center & Great Bend Zoo

Several students participated in a program entitled, “A Day in the Life of a Field Biologist,” at the Kansas Wetland Education Center in Great Bend, KS.
TMP-M students were able to conduct a small mammal survey in which they checked Sherman traps set up in a grassland habitat, wetland habitat and woodland habitat. They were able to practice identifying Kansas small mammals including deer mice, white footed mice and hispid cotton rats. They weighed the animals, took morphological measurements and then released them back into the wild.
Students then participated in a wetland survey where they suited up in waders and collected aquatic macroinvertebrates. This involved using a seine net to collect critters including crayfish, snails, tadpoles and water insects. They analyzed their findings in the lab and discussed water quality of wetlands.
To round out the day, students went to the Great Bend Zoo where they were able to feed geese and other waterfowl.