Juniors Receive Valuable Resume and Interview Skills

TMP-Marian Juniors were visited by Jacque Beckman, Executive Director from Nex-Generation Round Up for Youth, Inc.  Their mission is to educate northwest and north central Kansas students about local career opportunities by providing and supporting programs in career development, entrepreneurship, internship, and work study/apprenticeship.  Through these efforts, they hope to foster a positive sense of community and encourage youth to remain or return home to prosper.

TMP-Marian Administration set up this advantageous opportunity for the Juniors to obtain valuable information on what employers are looking for throughout the application process.  Beckman gave the students actual feedback on how companies filter through resumes.  She specifically covered why certain resumes are thrown out with spelling errors, incorrect formatting, bad font choices etc.  Also covered in the presentation were interview skills.  Beckman gave examples of positive mannerisms to uphold while in an interview.  A hand full of students were selected to answer an actual interview question.  Beckman would then give the students feedback on how to improve their answer.

Both resume and interview skills will be an invaluable part of each students life when they leave TMP-Marian and join the ranks of the workforce here and abroad.  Providing them with this leg up can only aid in their college preparatory skills and knowledge which in turn prepares them for the future.