TMP-Marian Junior High Assists Kiwanis Club of Hays


To celebrate with our Veterans, the TMP-Marian Junior High Natural Helpers, Builders’ IMG_2832Club and Choir had the opportunity to greet, serve and perform at the Kiwanis Veteran’s Day Luncheon on November 5th, 2015. As the Veterans entered the luncheon, students greeted them at the door and invited them in for a special dinner. While the Natural Helpers had dinner and conversation with our Veterans, Builders’ Club carried plates of food for Veterans, and served desserts, tea and water. Once the Natural Helpers were done eating, Builders’ Club students had the opportunity to enjoy dinner and conversation with our Veterans. The program was provided by the Natural Helpers and Junior High Choir. A reading about Armistice Day, reminded everyone not to forget the brave who gave themselves, especially those who gave their lives, to preserve the life we have today. From Lexington and Concord to the Mountains of Afghanistan men and women have fought and died to preserve what we hold dear to us: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

A video was presented to honor those who served in each war, and the American Flag was folded to share the meaning of the 13 folds. After the Junior High Choir graced us with beautiful music, veterans were asked to sing along with all of the students and stand when their branch’s anthem was being sung. During this time, all of the students had the opportunity to shake each Veteran’s hand and thank them for their Service.

As the program ended with all singing “GOD BLESS AMERICA,” smiles of gratitude and appreciation spread throughout the room.


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