TMP-M Junior High Places First At Regional Science Olympiad

The Junior High Science Olympiad Team attend the FHSU Regional Science Olympiad Tournament on Tuesday, February 9 along with seven other schools and finished the competition in 1st place.

The team was composed of 14 members and competed in 22 events. They placed first in six events, second in eight events and third in two events.  TMP-Marian received a medal in 16 of the 22 events and had a score of 60 out of 22 events. In Science Olympiad, the low score wins. Teams get points for their placement at 1st place finish gives you a score of 1.

Science Olympiad 2016 ChampsOther teams participating were  Minneapolis (second), Hill City (third), and Bennington, (fourth). Skyline, Sterling, Horace Good, and Abe Hubert rounded out the rest of the entrants. The students who participated in the events and the places they achieved were:

  • Air Traectory, 2nd Place, Hailey Casey and Abby Heimerman
  • Anatomy 2nd Place, Anne Wasinger
  • Bio-Process Lab  3rd Place, Nathan Stark and Ethan Werth
  • Bottle Rockets, 1st Place, Lucas Kraus, Nathan Stark, Carson Jacobs
  • Bridge Building, 6th Place, Carson Jacobs and Abby Heimerman
  • Crave the Wave, 1st Place, Callie Raacke and Ben Pfannenstiel
  • Crime Busters, 2nd Place, Natalie Taylor and Ethan Werth
  • Disease Detectives, 2nd Place,  Ann Wasinger and Seth Perrett
  • Dynamic Planet, 4th Place,  Joelle Pfannenstiel and Abby Rueschhoff
  • Elastic Launch Glider, 1st Place, Ethan Werth and Abby Rueschhoff
  • Experimental Design, 2nd Place, Leah Mages, Abby Rueschhoff, and Ann Wasinger
  • Fossils, 1st Place, Nathan Stark and Lucas Kraus
  • Green Generation, 7th Place, Joelle Pfannenstiel and Callie Raacke
  • Invasive Species, 2nd Place, Anne Wasinger and Nathan Stark
  • Meteorology, 5th Place, Abby Rueschhoff and Ben Pfannenstiel
  • Mission Possible, 1st Place, Joelle Pfannenstiel, Ben Pfannenstiel, and Callie Raacke
  • Picture This, 1st Place, Hailey Casey and Abby Heimerman
  • Reach for the Stars, 4th Place, Leah Mages
  • Road Scholar, 2nd Place, Ben Pfannenstiel and Lucas Kraus
  • Scrambler, 2nd Place, Seth Perrett and Joelle Pfannenstiel
  • Wind Power, 4th Place, Carson Jacobs and Lucas Kraus
  • Write It/Do It, 4th Place, Leah Mages and Natalie Taylor

The team worked hard, and their efforts paid off.  They will next compete at the State contest on April 2 in Wichita, KS.  Science Olympiad is a National Organization that has teams participating in each state,  Kansas has the participation of around 100 teams.  There are 30 teams invited to the State Tournament, coming from 5 districts.

The Hays district this year should have around 3 teams invited.  Jim Balthazor is coach of the Junior High team.

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