Human Anatomy and Physiology Visits Cadaver Lab

Front row: Megan Koeningsman, Maci Gerhard, Kaitlyn Zimmerman; back row: Sara Schippers, Deonna Wellbrock, Heather Befort, Lori Leiker, Zane Staab.

The Human Anatomy and Physiology class, headed by Kelli Jo Kirmer, recently participated in a memorable field trip. Eight of the students currently enrolled in the course visited the human cadaver labs at Fort Hays State University. On the tour of the labs, students were able to handle specimens which entailed brains, livers, kidneys as well as take a look at the human cadavers that the college students are currently dissecting for study. TMP-Marian was joined with two other schools for a small setting which allowed for much individual attention to the cadavers and specimens within the lab. This amazing opportunity was spear headed by Dr. Chris Bennett, a current Biological Professor at FHSU. The students that were able to voyage out on this journey were all current seniors at TMP-Marian.