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Course Description

The Science Department provides coursework for all six grades at the junior-senior high levels.  Junior high students explore a variety of topics including Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and the Scientific Method.  Central to the High School Curriculum is the College Preparatory Sequence which includes Biology and Physics at the freshman/sophomore level, Chemistry for juniors, and a second semester of Physics for seniors.  Although all students are required to complete three years of science for graduation and are encouraged to complete the college prep curriculum, there are many electives available.  Faculty members provide the coursework, supervise laboratories, and offer help outside the classroom.


Mr. Randy Brull joined the faculty in 1983 and serves as department chair and chemistry teacher.  He graduated from St.  Fidelis Junior College in 1964 and earned his bachelors and masters degrees from Fort Hays State University in 1967 and 1968.  After military service and additional coursework in the natural sciences he began teaching chemistry and physics at Wakeeney, Kansas.  He is currently in his thirty-ninth year of secondary teaching.  He is a coach of the chess team at school and enjoys family, woodworking, gardening, and music outside of school time.

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Ms. Kelli Jo Kirmer joined the TMP-Marian faculty in the fall of 2013 after working as a radiographer/mammographer at the Hays Medical Center for two and one half years.  Her bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University includes majors in medical diagnostic imaging, general science, and biology.  Currently she teaches sophomore biology, advanced biology, human anatomy and physiology, forensics and debate.  Beyond regular school hours, she sponsors competitive forensics and debate and assists with theatrical performances, volleyball, and softball.    Outside of school she enjoys spending time with family, reading, hunting, and fishing.

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Mr. Isaac Dennis hails from Hutchinson and is teaching professionally for the first time in the 2014-15 academic year.  He completed his student teaching at Wichita’s Northeast Magnet School in the spring of 2014.  Previously he has served as a teaching assistant at Kansas State University and earned his physics certification at Wichita State University.  Mr. Dennis teaches physics to sophomores and seniors, a chemistry class to juniors, and earth science to freshmen and sophomores.  He assists with Science Olympiad activities and is organizing an Earth Science Club.  Outside of school he enjoys reading and visiting with family.

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