Hard Working Crew

The TMP-Marian Alumni Board was hard at work setting up for the Black Tie Dinner, one of the heftier items auctioned off at ACE every year.  It takes the entire Alumni Board, Kathy Kaseforth, Alumni Office Assistant, and ten volunteers two days to set up the themed venue.  Our Alumni department plans numerous events throughout the school year. Their dedication and love for the school do not go unnoticed. We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for all the good that they do and the spirit that they spread!  Board Members include, Father Earl ’61 Befort, President, Chris ’77 Gottschalk, Vice-President, Wanda ’66 Billinger, Alumni Director, Mary ’77 Lang, Office Manager, Kaleen ’71 Fisher, Norb ’65 Kuhn, Melissa ’78 Holub, Renee ’78 Hoffman, Michelle ’97 Schlyer, Ryan ’09 Post, Leighton ’07 Werth, Jolynn ’93 Ashmore and Janel ’84 Ruder.  In addition, Thank you to Don and Chris Bickle for purchasing the dinner at ACE 2018 and your continued generosity to the school.  In addition, thank you to Pam Burgardt for donating the venue and food for the entire event.