Classroom Snapshot : Art

A group of six art students participated in a league activity in Oakley.  Students were given the theme of “Energy.” Utilizing this theme, they had 20 minutes of collaboration time to come up with an idea.  A 3 hour time limit was given as sufficient to complete the project on a large canvas.  The students had a list of criteria to cover, in addition to working in a group.  Later, the works were critiqued by the Painting Instructor from Fort Hays State University.  Feedback was given to each individual group on their end product.  The participating students were Anna Wiesner, Julia Werth, Dylan Werth, Alex Herrman, Emily Schippers and Lexi Gottschalk.

Opening February 1, is the league art show, displayed at the Dane Hansen Art Museum in Logan Kansas.  All league schools are invited to present up to 50 different art pieces.  The public is welcome to view during Museum hours as well as a show reception on Sunday, February 10, starting at 2:00 p.m.