Welcome to the Fr. Blaine Burkey Center for Research


Every student has the potential to learn and to succeed in school; the challenge is to discover each student’s current level of knowledge and to steadily build upon that.  In small classes, this may sometimes mean spending more time on a lesson or returning later to that lesson in different ways.  Achievement often toddles in on baby steps; with encouragement, however, small accomplishments can beget major success.  Excitement occurs when those “little light bulb moments” happen, times when a student has suddenly understood something that was previously obscure.  Most students want to do well, but that desire is often well-hidden or dormant.  By trying to focus on each student as an individual, it is possible to find and to feed that desire.

Course Description

Developmental Reading

The focus of this class in on finding a student’s current reading level and then moving him or her steadily up the ladder of reading improvement.  A variety of reading materials and activities give students the opportunity to practice and improve their skills in the areas of vocabulary building and in about a dozen important reading and study strategies.  Emphasis is on learning to study better, not necessarily harder or longer.

Library Science

The purpose of this class is twofold. First of all, students serve as library aides — they learn to keep materials in order, check things in and out, and generally keep the area neat and organized. A large portion of the class is also dedicated to research methods. Students learn the fastest, easiest, and best methods for finding good information and for making use of it in some way.