Ceremonial “Ribbon” Cutting on New Restroom

The ladies restroom on the first floor is now open! Senior girls did not want the moment to go un-celebrated and decided to hold an impromptu toilet paper ribbon cutting, to open up the new restroom. “It seemed fitting,” Tiffany Pfeifer said, “I was eager to cut the paper!” When asked if they were excited about the restrooms, Leanne Rack stated, “I am very excited about the new bathrooms! I believe they will be useful not only during the school day, but also during school events such as theatrical productions, banquets and tournaments in the administrative building,” while Pfeifer said, “I am super excited to have a restroom that can accommodate more students. It will definitely decrease the waiting time between classes.” Both young women have extremely valid points. The addition of these restrooms will serve the public and many students for decades to come.