Classroom Snapshot : JH Math

Students from Pre-Algebra (7th grade), Pre-Algebra (8th grade), and Algebra (8th grade), are working on various projects ranging from graphing calculators and quadratic functions, construction paper and volume/surface area, and using tangrams to explore percent. 

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Classroom Snapshot : JH Science

Mr. Balthazor’s 8th Grade Science class launched bottle rockets on the football field.  Each student got a chance to launch their rocket under water and air pressure.  Many designs were featured and some rockets even had parachutes to slow their […]

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Classroom Snapshot : Accounting I & II

Accounting I students learned how to prepare payroll records by calculating employee earnings, determine payroll tax withholding, and prepare records and checks.  This was an important lesson for the students because they know the various ways employees are paid, how […]

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