Be watchful. Be ready.

Be watchful.  Be ready.  In honor of Advent, 50 foot banners have been suspended from the iconic turrets.  This Advent season, we want Love and Hope to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  A time when hope becomes reality, when promise becomes present, when not yet turns into now. The time when all of God’s people will join together in one delighted moment.  Let Advent propel your vision toward the future.  The Messiah is coming and when he comes, all of God’s promises will be fulfilled.

An enormous amount of pre-planning went into the process of the banners.  Troy Ruda, Advancement Director, is responsible for the design layout.  Northwestern Printers manufactured and assembled the hefty banners.  Marvin Rack, Steve Werth, Jeremy Gill and Tom Casper battled the freezing wind and cold on the roof, making sure the banners were secured robustly to the turrets.  Meanwhile, Tom Kisner, Jennifer Rack, Leanne Rack and Mark Rack were on the ground making sure the guy-wires were secured.  All of this, was done in a temperature of 22 degrees.

The west turret reads, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only son.” (John 3:16)  The east turret reads, “For a child is born to us, a son is given to us.” (Isaiah 9:5)

Advent is a season for remembering attentively all that God has done in the  past, waiting faithfully through all the uncertainties of the present and hoping confidently for all that God has planned for each and every one of our futures.  Advent allows us all to rekindle our belief in God’s faithfulness to his waiting people. Please join us and take some time this season to just remember.