Aquatic Ecology Research Project

Keri Maricle, Biology Instructor, has involved students in an on going aquatic ecology research project.  Carlos Schwindt, Nathan Stark and Ben Pfannenstiel conducted the first field measures for an ongoing research project focusing on water quality of Big Creek.  Three field sites were established along Big Creek and water samples were taken to determine phosphate, nitrate, pH and other concentrations in the water.  Researchers also took samples of aquatic organisms to examine in the lab later. Ms. Maricle’s students plan on taking regular measurements at these sites for the next several months.  The plan is to accumulate enough data to present at a few conferences next year and publish results in a scientific journal.


For each collection period, new students will be attending so that everyone may have the experience in participating in this field research.  “The students are definitely excited to be a part of something so interesting!  For example, we discovered Big Creek has extremely high phosphate concentrations potentially due to runoff from agricultural fields,” Maricle stated.