Annual Bierock and Cookie Dough Extravaganza

The annual Bierock and Cookie Dough Sale turned-out 4,800 bierocks!!  This year 70 volunteers worked tirelessly, assembling, baking and packaging over 400 dozen bierocks.  A new record!!  In addition, 150 containers of chocolate chip cookie dough were sold.  Carol Feauto, Head Cook, orders the 700 pounds of hamburger that goes into the bierock filling, amongst other items and always volunteers to help on preparation day.  “In twenty years of doing this we’ve always had the best volunteers.  The process just keeps getting better and better!” Feauto stated.  In fact, many of the cooks, teachers and staff volunteer to help pinch dough.  Proceeds of the annual sale benefit the school’s transportation fund which provides bus and suburban transportation for our students to hundreds of activities over the span of a school year.  This magnitude of a fundraiser would not be possible without our volunteers to whom we are extremely thankful.