Fr. Blaine Burkey Center for Research; ALEX Card Catalog

CFR Automated Card Catalog System — Alexandria (ALEX for short)

  1. On any computer connected to the TMP-Marian local network: CLICK HERE.
    (This will launch a new tab. The ALEX card catalog is not currently available off campus)

  2. Use the following information:
    1. Username: your lunch card number – 3 digits
      1. (for example, if your number is 8, you’d need to use 008; if your number is 24, you’d need to use 024.  Like that)
    2. Password: your own last name – it doesn’t matter if it’s capitalized.

  3. A new screen should pop up, giving you options on how to search for a book or other CFR item.
    1. You will see tabs that say things like “Author,” “Title,” or “Subject.” Click on the one that you DO know.
      1. (for example, if you know that the title is Hunger Games, type that in.  It doesn’t matter if you put the word “The” at the beginning of a title or not.

  4. Now you have a new screen.  You will be able to search for information such as the book summary, subject headings, the table of contents, etc.  You will be able to see if the book is checked out and also the call number of the book. This will help you locate the book on the shelves.

  5. There are other things you can do while on the Alex system, but for now, that’s all the info you will probably need.  Please see Mrs. Augustine for help searching or to learn to “reserve” material or to “put it on hold.”

  6. You will receive a prize if you actually come in to the CFR for help in learning to use Alex.