Guidance – Counseling

The TMP-Marian Guidance Office is staffed by two full-time, certified Guidance Counselors who offer a wide range of personal, social, career and educational services and programs for grades 7-12. In addition to addressing individual issues and needs, the Guidance Counselor works with small groups, classes and various faculty/staff committees. If issues arise that are beyond the scope and means of the TMP-Marian Guidance Office, there is a vast network of support services available in the Hays community. The Guidance Counselor is a critical link for referral to these services. The primary mission of the Guidance Office is to uphold the school’s mission of challenging students to spiritual growth, educational excellence and leadership formation by publicizing and facilitating opportunities in all three areas.

More specifically, the Guidance Counselor addresses these and related issues in group and individual settings. For the seniors, weekly guidance and post-secondary planning assistance is offered. Juniors are annually scheduled for four group information sessions and one individual meeting. Sophomores meet with the Guidance Counselor three times as a group and once individually per year. Freshmen will have two general group sessions and one individual meeting each year. All students meet individually with the Guidance Counselor to determine their academic schedule and post-secondary plans. The Guidance Counselor helps coordinate the academic scheduling of all new students.

A comprehensive testing and assessment program is also coordinated by the Guidance Office. In October all juniors take the PSAT/NMSQT and all sophomores take the ACT Aspire on campus. The cost of these tests are underwritten by TMP-Marian. At a cost to them, Sophomores have the option of signing up to take the PSAT/NMSQT. Both groups, along with English Language Learners take a battery of state assessments in the spring. Senior testing is handled on an individual and advisory basis. Freshmen take an incoming placement test for mathematics in May.

The Guidance Counselor’s work includes outreach with faculty, community, and student groups. They work with projects and programs that support a positive school climate. The Guidance Counselor is the chair of the CARE committee (for at-risk students) and works closely with the special education department to coordinate individual educational planning (gifted, learning disabled, etc.). The Guidance Counselor administrates the Academic Probation policy and monitors all students’ grades and credits under the auspices of the Academic Council. The Guidance Counselor is also available by appointment for parent meetings and counseling. The Guidance Office publishes a monthly newsletter for parents and monthly opportunity deadlines on the school calendar. Daily announcements keep students apprised of these same opportunities and the Guidance Counselor’s availability.