World Language


Our language courses are designed to broaden understanding of the global world. Studying the classical and modern languages will increase vocabulary, improve grammar, and broaden your cultural horizons.  Studies show that learning another language aids in learning one’s own language. Career and travel opportunities expand with the knowledge of another language.  We are a global society and communication with others in their language and understanding another culture help to bring about a greater appreciation for all people.  Expand your horizons and learn another language.

Course Descriptions


Latin is said to be a dead language, but it is very much alive at TMP-Marian.  Students learn valuable lessons which aid in learning across the curriculum.  Latin is the basis of numerous languages, including the field of medicine.  Expand your vocabulary and explore understanding and recognizing Latin roots.  Through Latin students learn to recognize roots of words and apply this knowledge to the challenges encountered throughout their studies at TMP-Marian.


Slowly becoming the first language of the United States, it is spoken everywhere.  The Hispanic population is growing fast and there is a demand to learn Spanish in all areas.  More than 300,000,000 people speak Spanish in eighteen different countries and Puerto Rico.


Mr. Kevin Nyberg, Latin instructor, earned his Bachelors in English Education at the University of Nebraska in 1974.  He continued his education at The University of Georgia where he earned his Masters Degree in Latin.  Mr. Nyberg has taught for over 35 years.  In addition to teaching Latin, Mr. Nyberg is also the sponsor for Astronomy Club, Greek Club, Latin Club, and the Chess Team.  In his spare time, Mr. Nyberg spends time with his wife, Mary and daughter, Jennifer.  His interests include reading, astronomy, and chess.

Mrs. Melissa Pinkney, our Spanish instructor and the World Language Department Head, graduated from Fort Hays State University with a degree in Spanish and Secondary Education.  She also studied in Guadalajara, Mexico and through this process was able to enhance her Spanish by immersion.  Mrs. Pinkney has been teaching Spanish at TMP-Marian since 2008. Outside of the classroom, she stays engaged with her students because she is the STUCO Senior Class Advisor as well as the Founder and Sponsor for Spanish Club.